Thirteen Tales of Speculative Fiction
An Anthology of Short Stories by NIWA Writers

Print Book ISBN: 9781492974413
Publication Date: October 2013
Ebook $4.99, Print $9.50

“1313 Huidekoper Place”

Think of all those legends that have so much meaning…only to you. Who is the legend in your life that you’d like to have a conversation with if you could? Remembering is a powerful emotion.

This story is based on one of my favorite characters from Brushes, Legs Flanders, the fictional and legendary jazz musician.

Full Anthology Description

On a dusty desert road, a man offers the devil a deal. In the confines of a lab, a young woman faces her demons in virtual reality. Two interplanetary art dealers get more than they bargained for when hired guns try to stop them from selling a valuable piece. When a monster comes to town, a man must unleash the monster under his own skin. In thirteen short stories, the authors of the Northwest Independent Writers Association explore the strange side of fiction and take readers to unexpected destinations.

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