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Indigo Legacy - Courtney Pierce


Print ISBN: 13: 978-1-947983-79-3
Ebook ISBN: 978-1-947983-80-9
Publication Date:  December 1, 2018 New Release!!!
Ebook $3.99, Print $15.95

If there’s one thing author Olivia Novak loves more than books its family dirt. The success of her deceased mother’s best-selling novel, Indigo to Black, begs for further investigation to find out if the so-called fictional murder is true. But there’s one complication: the new love of Olivia’s life, 62-year-old attorney Woody Rainey, is connected to the story through his mother too. Prior to her death, Woody’s mother forced him to sue Olivia and her two sisters, Lauren and Danny, for slander over Indigo to Black. Cracking open the family dirtball is key to her and Woody’s future. And two dead mothers tell no tales.

Digging into the truth begins under the hot lights of a book auction in New York. A collection of Woody’s inherited books is about to be sold. Letting go of first editions is nearly as tough for Olivia as removing her old wedding ring. In a desperate move before the hammer drops, Olivia makes a shocking decision that could blow apart her and Woody’s relationship.

This calamity requires a clean-up call to Olivia’s street team in Portland, Oregon: her two sisters, Lauren and Danny, a Portland cop, and a pair of wise-guy therapy dogs, Pogo and Beauregard. Protecting Mom’s reputation will take more than an unbreakable sibling bond and a vow of lifelong love—it’s going to require a risk life and limb to interrogate elderly mobsters in a Pennsylvania prison.

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“I’ve laughed out loud as I wrote this trilogy . . . and shed quite a few tears too.”  Courtney

“All of my books are personal, but the Dushane sisters . . . oooh-weee . . . they came alive and told me what to write!”  Courtney

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