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Stitches - Courtney Pierce


Print Book ISBN: 9780988917507
Publication Date: February 2013 – Available!
Ebook $3.99, Print $15.95

When living forever can be a choice, creating a legacy becomes a passion.

Going to an estate sale can change your life. When Jean and Spence Collins move home to Portland, Oregon, to get a little magic in their lives, they didn’t count on actually finding it in an old chest from the estate sale of an elderly widow. Hidden inside the chest is an ancient piece of fabric, and the images of the birds on it are alive. The birds hold the key to immortality—and they’re about to remind Jean and Spence of their own mortality.

Their attempt to unthread the fabric’s long history entangles the Collinses in a lethal triangle: the elderly widow who is counting on becoming immortal; the widow’s greedy son who wants the fabric for its potential value; and the FBI agent who’s after him for insider trading. But when the FBI agent witnesses the magical power of the fabric with his own eyes, an irrevocable bond is formed with Jean and Spence—a bond that gives them all the courage to take risks, tackle society’s fiends, and make their dreams a reality in this life.

STITCHES is the debut novel of a trilogy series that follows the scintillating trail Jean and Spence leave in their wake as they sleuth their way toward retirement – with a little immortal help. It celebrates a new coming-of-age story: the adventurous spirit of the boomers who want to put away the remote and run to the next phase of life.

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